Dutch Cyber Security Research Paper Award 2017

Victor van der Veen receives the DCSRP Award from Dr. Nele Mentens (KU, Leuven) 

Part of ICT.OPEN 2017 conference, was the session ‘Peaks in Dutch Cyber Security Research’ organised by dcypher. The objective of this session was to demonstrate the progress and achievements in the execution of recent Dutch cybersecurity research. In this session three recent cybersecurity research papers were presented. An international Jury, with  Prof. Dr. Stefan Katzenbeisser (Germany), Dr. Lorenzo Cavallaro (UK) and Dr. Nele Mentens (Belgium), under technical chairmanship of Drs. Jan Piet Barthel (dcypher/NWO) selected these papers, out of twelve papers submitted. And the winner of the Dutch Cyber Security Research Paper (DCSRP) 2017 is:

Drammer: Deterministic Rowhammer Attacks on Mobile Platforms by Victor van der Veen et al.

The Jury considered Drammer as a very interesting paper, published at ACM CCS, one of the top 4 security conferences, a tier-1 venue with high impact. The paper has a large international team of authors, which further foster collaboration, with Victor van der Veen as the leading author, which shows the key role the Dutch team had in this research. The proposed mitigation in the paper requires hardware modification or replacement (in the worst case scenario, for the Rowhammer component). Results have thus a broad and long lasting impact. The interest in DRAMMER even extended beyond academia and open source, including the hacker community as well as government and industry. It received extensive traditional media coverage, in more than 20 countries, from magazines to television as well as high profile web media.

Victor van der Veen receives his IBM Bonus cheque from Erno Doorenspleet (IBM Europe)

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Fotographer: Sjoerd van der Hucht