Current Courses and Masterclasses

Safe by Design Course

7-9 June 2023 The Hague

Free & open to PhD candidates & postdocs

Many materials, products and processes still end up causing unintentional harm, even though safety is a prominent topic in the professional environments of researchers and innovators. Safe (& Sustainable) by Design (S(S)bD) is an approach that renews our focus on safety from the earliest stages of design onwards and expands it by considering it in relation to other important values such as sustainability, security, and circularity. More info.


Workshop Ethics

12 April 2023

Ethics has become an important part of cyber security research and practice. As educators, we need to teach about ethics in our cyber security courses. We are organizing a workshop to discuss ideas and share best practices on teaching ethics. Whether you are experienced in teaching ethics and would like to share your experiences, or sometimes worried you’re not covering enough given the limited amount of time, or simply interested in the subject, please consider joining in on the workshop. Register 


Hardware Security: Lightweight Cryptography and Hardware Trojans

1 June 2023, 09:00 – 17:00

Hardware is the root of trust, where the security of all the layers above is anchored. The pervasive diffusion of electronic systems in every aspects of our lives posed new challenges to hardware designers. Among them, there is certainly the need of embed robust security primitives everywhere, also in devices with extremely limited area, energy and power budgets. This challenge is addressed by the so called lightweight cryptography. Ensure robust cryptography is not sufficient to guarantee security, since the security of robust devices can also be altered also during their production by adversaries that are able to insert hardware trojans. In this course, you will gain in depth knowledge about lightweight cryptography and hardware trojans. More info.


Hardware Security: Physical Attacks

15 & 16 June 2023, 09:00 – 17:0Are you interested in learning the basics of hardware hacking? Is your organization affected by IoT security evaluations? Do you want to learn the core techniques used in hardware penetration testing? This 2-day masterclass will provide you a hands-on approach to this exciting field, teaching you how to code side-channel and fault attacks and how to carry out a simple security evaluation. More info.


Hardware Security: RISC-V for Security Applications

Do you want to learn about the fundamentals of the RISC-V architecture, how to implement security primitives on it, and how to customize it to your needs? Do you want to take full advantage of an open processor platform for your security applications? This self-contained 1-day master class explains the basics of the RISC-V architecture and will present examples of its use for security applications. More info.