Workshop Ethics

April 12, 2023

Ethics has become an important part of cyber security research and practice. As educators, we need to teach about ethics in our cyber security courses. We are organizing a workshop to discuss ideas and share best practices on teaching ethics. Whether you are experienced in teaching ethics and would like to share your experiences, or sometimes worried you’re not covering enough given the limited amount of time, or simply interested in the subject, please consider joining in on the workshop.

We have invited several great speakers and panelists who will share their experiences and views:

  • Prof. Herbert Bos (VU)
  • Dr. Luca Consoli (RU)
  • Astrid Oosenbrug (DIVD)
  • Dr. Els De Busser (UL)
  • Dr. Jeroen van der Ham (UT)
  • Dr. Francien Dechesne (UL)
  • Dr. Hugo Jonker (OU)

We will also organize collection of input from the audience during the workshop. After the workshop, we plan to jointly prepare a report with best practices and tips on teaching ethics in cyber security courses for various situations (if you have 1 slide – 1 lecture – 1 course on ethics).  

Workshop details: 

Time: May 8 (Monday), 13:00 – 18:00

Place: room 174 in the Snellius building, 1 Niels Bohrweg, 2333CA, Leiden. 

Nearest parking: Parking garage Ehrenfestweg, Ehrenfestweg 1, 2333 CC Leiden

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