Educational agenda

The Dutch Cybersecurity Higher Education Agenda (NCSEA) was presented on Thursday, June 18, 2020. Another important step concerns the mapping of cyber security programmes in higher education in the Netherlands. The information on the map relates to expert programs and other programs in government-funded and non-subsidized higher education that result in Associate degrees, Bachelor and Master degrees.

The Nationale Cyber Security Educatie Agenda (NCSEA) is the agenda for cybersecurity related higher education. Prior to publication, numerous discussions were held, and existing and new initiatives related to cybersecurity education were mapped.

The core of the NCSEA is therefore formed by a list of interventions in cybersecurity (higher) education. The interventions provide an overview of what is currently happening in various ‘triple helix’ collaborations and what education, private and public parties can do in the coming years to achieve temporary and ultimately structural improvements. In order to promote cohesion and cooperation and to prevent fragmentation, it is recommended that the interventions be carried out under central independent management.