Prof.dr. Bibi van den Berg, chair

Leiden University; Cyber Security Council

Bibi van den Berg is full professor of Cybersecurity Governance at Leiden University, and the head of the Cybersecurity Governance research group at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs of this university. Aiko Pras, vice-chair

University of Twente

Aiko Pras is full professor “Internet Security” at the University of Twente.

Mr. Joeri Toet, treasurer

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Joeri Toet is a practicing lawyer connected to the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam as a lecturer and researcher in the Transnational Legal Studies department.

Drs. Jan Piet Barthel, managing director

Bureau ACCSS

Jan Piet Barthel is ACCSS’ managing director and the board’s strategic advisor. Jan Piet is a co-founder of ACCSS. Before his retirement he was the coordinator of cyber security research at NWO and the director of dcypher among others.