Dutch Cyber Security Research (paper) Award 2015

“Out of Control: Overcoming Control-Flow Integrity” by Enes Göktas, Elias Athanasopoulos, Herbert Bos and Georgios Protokalidis is unanimously selected by the jury as excellent Dutch Cyber Security Research paper! The paper is a product from the System Security group of the VU in Amsterdam and it is presented at ICT.OPEN 2015 by its primary author Enes Göktas. ‘Out of control; Overcoming Control-Flow Integrity’ was first published in May 2014 at the IEEE Symposium on Security & Privacy, one of the most important and prestigious venues in security research. The title nicely summarizes what the paper is about: the hijacking of the control flow. It demonstrates bypasses of several Control-Flow Integrity (CFI) implementations. In fact it was the first paper proving the limitations of state-of-the-art CFI implementations, in other words, it underlined the inefficacy of some countermeasures on very sophisticated forms of attack.

René Penning De Vries, Enes Göktas

Winner DCSRA
The winner, Enes Göktas, receives the DCSR best paper Award from dr. René Penning De Vries, recently appointed by the Dutch minister of Economic Affairs as Dutch ICT-Figurehead.

Johan Arts (IBM), Enes Göktas

Bonus from IBM

Also a special bonus from IBM, a € 500 cheque for the team of authors responsible for the best cybersecurity paper, is personally presented to the primary author and speaker by IBM Director Security Software Europe, Johan Arts.

Highly impressed!

Three jury members, international well-respected professors in the cybersecurity research arena: Thorsten Holz (Germany), Frank Piessens (Belgium) and Danilo Bruschi (Italy) individually ranked and collectively decided on the quality of the papers for the Dutch Cyber Security Research Award (DCRSA). They were highly impressed by the research results coming from The Netherlands. During ICT.OPEN 2015 invited presenters received a signed certificate for their paper presentation. The Jury called “Out of Control: Overcoming Control-Flow Integrity” an excellent paper. The paper triggered many researchers around the world to search for better solutions, which are able to stop increasingly sophisticated attacks. They concluded this is a very timely topic, with very high impact, resulting in further debate, follow-up research and follow up papers. This debate under researchers is still going on.

From left to right: Johan Arts (IBM), Erik Bosman (VU), Ruben Niederhagen (TUE), Enes Göktas (VU), Peter Schwabe (Radboud), Boris Skoríc (TUE), René Penning De Vries (ICT Team), Jan Piet Barthel (NWO, IIP-VV)

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(& Inald Lagendijks link: https://hbr.org/2015/02/where-the-digital-economy-is-moving-the-fastest)

Photo’s: Sjoerd van der Hucht