Dutch Cyber Security Research Paper Award 2019

On March 20th 2019 the Dutch Cyber Security best Research Paper (DCSRP) Award was handed over in the Security & Privacy Track at ICT.OPEN 2019. The DCSRP 2019 jury decided to proclaim CSIDH: An Efficient Post-Quantum Commutative Group Action presented by Lorenz Panny, written by Wouter Castryck, Tanja Lange, Chloe Martindale, Lorenz Panny, and Joost Renes as the winning paper of the dcypher’s DCSRP 2019 Award. This years international jury members were Prof. Flavio Garcia , Prof. Cas Cremers and Dr. Katerina Mitrokotsa with the technically guidance of jury chairman Jan Piet Barthel. The jury realises that the world is looking at new cryptographic solutions for the post quantum future and highly appreciates the potential impact of this paper and the horizon of new research that this opens.

Lorenz Panny (right), co-author of the CSIDH paper receives the DCSRP 2019 Award bonus cheque from Paul Slootmaker (KPN). Zoltan Szlavik (IBM) and Wim Hafkamp (dcypher)

Thanks to KPN and IBM for sponsoring the DCSRP 2019 Award with a bonus cheque.

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