CS4NL Launch

April 14, 2023

On March 29 in the presence of Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Micky Adriaansens, CS4NL, formerly the broad-based cybersecurity programme, has been officially launched. Leaders of all ten top sectors and key organisations in the Dutch cybersecurity field signed a covenant that ratifies far-reaching cooperation in cybersecurity knowledge development, innovations, and grants. ACCSS was represented by Zeki Erkin and Eveline Vreede.


The top sectors make grants available to generate cross-sector cybersecurity knowledge and innovation. The various sectors struggle with similar challenges and transitions, so working together generates more results. The parties involved, including ACCSS, PRIO, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), TNO, Cyberveilig Nederland and the Regional Development Companies (ROMs) organise efficient chains of cooperation and encourage new consortia to apply for these grants. This creates an ecosystem in which resources (financial and human capital) are used efficiently.CS4NL is closely involved in formulating an NWO Mission Call on cybersecurity. In addition, the TKI call on supply chain security is in the preparation phase. Publication of the TKI call is expected to take place in early April via the websites of the relevant top sectors.

Demand-driven innovation needs

CS4NL supports effective cybersecurity innovation and knowledge development and distribution within the Dutch cybersecurity ecosystem. The programme addresses demand- driven innovation needs from the market and at different readiness levels. The programme and calls are demand-driven, as the top sectors have submitted innovation needs with their constituencies through use cases. So there is no technology push in which technological developments are leading, but actual needs determine the programme. The seven themes defined are: Security by Design, Secure data-driven working, Secure connectivity, OT/IT Security, Cyber risk management, System or chain security and Awareness, knowledge, and skills.


Besides the above parties, the basis of CS4NL is formed in cooperation with ministries, such as Defence, Justice & Security and Economic Affairs and Climate, and represented in the Security KIA (Knowledge and Innovation Agenda) and the Key Technologies KIA. New parties are welcome to participate. CS4NL is an initiative of Topsector ICT and dcypher.

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