ACCSS-website, familiar and yet new!

January 13, 2022

In December 2021, in this news section, we announced the renewal of the ACCSS website. In the past year of establishment, we have worked together to get ACCSS off the ground. The website launched in February 2021 was temporary. We are proud to announce that our renewed website is up and running, familiar and yet new. For members and interested parties of the association, this means that we will continue to use the website as an important mouthpiece.

A large number of researchers have registered as individual members in 2021. We are very happy about this, because together we want to shape ACCSS in 2022. We are equally pleased with all the support from the institutional members, the academic institutions that support the association and SIDN, which has given a boost to the construction of our association with start-up funding.

We hope to talk to our members this spring, in the first members’ meeting postponed due to corona, and to coordinate plans with each other. Are you an academic cyber security researcher and not yet a member of ACCSS? You can register as an individual member of the association via the web form. And for everyone who is interested: if you have a question or comment and you want to contact ACCSS, please use the contact form.