Mr. Joeri Toet, treasurer

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Joeri Toet is a practicing lawyer connected to the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam as a lecturer and researcher in the Transnational Legal Studies department. Joeri is driven by the question how information technology can be designed and delivered to meet ethical and legal expectations. His research and teaching cover various legal and policy issues around cybersecurity, and the expression and governance of ethical and legal requirements in software. He contributes to the academic community experience from leading commercial IT security R&D; and providing legal advice in international private practice and in-house capacity. He serves on the board of ACCSS as its treasurer.

“Cybersecurity allows us to operate society in line with our values, and to use information technology to achieve our collective ambitions. At the same time the level of cybersecurity at any given time is itself the result of choices we make. Through ACCSS I seek to contribute to a deepening of our understanding of cybersecurity challenges. I seek to help accelerate an exchange of knowledge between disciplines within the scientific community as well as with society at large. Ultimately, to allow us to achieve and maintain the level of cybersecurity we need.”