Program Cyber Security Track ICT.OPEN 2016

January 25, 2016

A cybersecurity research track, part of the ICT.OPEN 2016 conference program, is scheduled on March 22nd 2016. The objective of this track is to demonstrate the progress and achievements in the execution of recent cybersecurity research.

Program New challenges in cybersecurity and privacy

11:20-11:30    Welcoming and opening words by track chair Dr. Lejla Batina (RUN)

11:30-12:10    Invited International speaker Prof. Dr. Srdjan Capkun (ETH Zurich):

  • “Secure Positioning: How to Securely Measure Positions of Devices and Their Mutual Distances”


12:10-12:30    Flash presentations:


12:30-14:00    Lunch    

14:00-15.30    Highlights of Dutch Cyber Security Research:

  • Introduction by Drs. Jan Piet Barthel (CSRE-Platform/NWO)
  • Five primary authors will present their CS research paper as selected by the international Jury


15:30-16:00    Coffee    

16:00-16:15    Best research paper award ceremony by


16:15-17:00    Panel discussion "Why security fails in practice, and what to do about it?", led by Prof. Bart Jacobs (RUN), members:


17:00-17:20    Invited National speaker Prof. Michel van Eeten (TUD):

  • "Who’s Bad? Metrics, Incentives and Inventions to Improve Security"


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! The cybersecurity track is at the first day of ICTOPEN event, the 22nd of March


Dutch Cyber Security best recent Research paper Award competition (DCSRA)

Part of the track program is the Dutch Cyber Security best recent Research paper Award competition (DCSRA). At ICT.OPEN 2016, for the second time, an international jury will announce the best recent non-commercial scientific cybersecurity research paper out of five outstanding papers. Jury members of the DCSRA 2016 are Dr. Wee Keong Ng (NTU, SG) Prof. Dr. Srdjan Capkun ( ETH Zurich) and Prof. Bart Preneel (KU Leuven) under technical chairmanship of Drs. Jan Piet Barthel (NWO). Out of the submitted research papers the Jury first selects the top five papers. Their main authors present their papers on March 22nd. Each of them receive a signed certificate. After these paper presentations the Jury will announce the winning paper. The presenter of this paper will receive the Cyber Security Best Research Paper Award, handed over by Dr. René Penning de Vries, Chairman Team ICT, Dutch Digital Delta. In addition Johan Arts, Director Client Success, IBM Security Europe, will give the winner a € 500 IBM bonus cheque!

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