Cybersecurity researcher, sign up as a member of ACCSS!

October 6, 2021

To all cybersecurity researchers affiliated with a Dutch academic knowledge institution. 
We hereby ask to you to become a member of ACCSS, the Academic Cyber Security Society.

With the increased attention for cybersecurity in society and politics, among other things, the necessity to properly organize the field has also increased. How can we best collaborate with governments and NWO, and how do we translate societal questions into research challenges? And more concretely, how do we ensure a good input in the renewed dcypher? How do we work together with the top sectors, such as energy, healthcare, water & maritime and ICT as a crosscutting technology? How do we ensure that different research disciplines are involved in the articulation of research questions? How do we stay informed and how do we keep each other informed of (research) policy intentions and research funding processes?

At the beginning of 2020, a group of cybersecurity scientists from various disciplines took the initiative to set up an association of and for cybersecurity researchers from all disciplines relevant to cybersecurity.

The new association has the following goals:
1.    It acts as the network hub of all cyber security scientists in the Netherlands;
2.    It acts as a gateway for public and private parties who want to contact cyber security scientists in the Netherlands; of alpha, beta and gamma signature; and
3.    It acts as mouthpiece and representative of cyber security scientists in the Netherlands to highlight shared positions and to provide input in policy processes where expertise on cyber security is required.

June 25, 2021 we held our founding meeting. With the establishment of ACCSS, a clear network place, a point of contact and a mouthpiece has been created for the academic multidisciplinary research and education field in the field of cybersecurity in the Netherlands.

In recent months we have noticed that ACCSS started to act as a visible spider in the web within the Dutch cybersecurity landscape, connecting parties and creating opportunities for its members. The media have come to regard ACCSS as a useful counter to get in touch with the right expertise regarding the many topics that fall within the cybersecurity domain. Apart from the new dcypher, policy makers, politicians and government organizations seek contact with ACCSS to discuss joint plans and to request input for policy. In addition, the association plays a role in access to funding opportunities by private and public parties. Due to the networking function of ACCSS, there are unique opportunities for obtaining research and educational resources for our members.

As an ordinary (individual) member you have the right to vote, you can stand for election, or nominate other members for a board position. We would like to see ACCSS supported by its members. The board organizes a general assembly meeting (GAM) of members at least once a year. The first GAM will take place on November 24, as part of the FUSION event. Registration for this is necessary. 

An association like ACCSS cannot exist without you, without the input and active participation of its members. 
We therefore ask two things:
1.    Register as a member; soon after (if you belong to the target group) you will receive a confirmation, an invoice for paying membership contribution. Rules regarding the admission and types of ordinary membership are described in the application form mentioned above.
2.    Register for (parts of your choice of) the FUSION event on November 24, and specifically if possible, for participation in the General Assembly Meeting.

We would like to welcome you to the association in to meet you November 24,

Bibi van den Berg, chair
Aiko Pras, vice-chair
Joeri Toet, treasurer
Jan Piet Barthel, managing director

For questions, comments, suggestions, please send an e-mail to

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