Call for Dutch Cyber Security best Research Papers 2021

July 13, 2021

Part of the program at the soon to be announced cybersecurity event November 24th 2021 in MediaPlaza Utrecht is the Dutch Cyber Security best Research Paper Award (DCSRP Award) ceremony. Again this year an international jury selects the three best papers from all submitted Dutch recent non-commercial scientific cyber security research papers. 

Main authors 
The top three nominated papers are presented by one of the main authors. The nominees receive a signed certificate for their participation. Finally the winner of the competition receives the Dutch Cyber Security Research Paper Award and also a sponsored bonus cheque. To participate in this competition, Dutch recently (in 2020/2021) submitted non-commercial scientific cybersecurity research publications must be submitted before 13 September 2021 by leaders of research groups and/or research group members.

Information needed*

  • Title of the nominated paper
  • Author name(s) of the paper
  • Published in … (name of journal, etc.)
  • Published on … (date of the paper)
  • The final version of the research paper in PDF-format (or a hyperlink)
  • A short motivation why this paper is nominated (max 200 words)
  • Name of the Dutch research institute the main author(s) is (are) associated with
  • A short description of the contribution of the Dutch research institute(s) to the nominated paper (max 100 words). 

Admissibility criteria

  • Paper published no longer than 2 years before the award date (Nov 24, 2021) and is expected to be published by the award date.    
  • The main contribution to the paper comes from a Dutch research institute.
  • There is no cap on the number of research papers submitted per research group

More information 

*Note that incomplete packages will be discarded.


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