Announcement 2017 nominations DCSRP Award + BCMT Award

February 23, 2017

Part of ICT.OPEN 2017 conference, is the session ‘Peaks in Dutch Cyber Security Research’. The objective of this session is to demonstrate the progress and achievements in the execution of recent Dutch cybersecurity research.


In this session three recent cybersecurity research papers will be presented by their main authors (PhD students in most cases). An international Jury, with  Prof. Dr. Stefan Katzenbeisser (Germany), Dr. Lorenzo Cavallaro (UK) and Dr. Nele Mentens (Belgium), under technical chairmanship of Drs. Jan Piet Barthel (dcypher/NWO), selected these papers, out of twelve papers submitted.

The research paper top 3, candidates for the DCSR best paper Award 2017, are (in alphabetical order):

  • Flush, Gauss and Reload – a Cache Attack on the Bliss Lattice Based Signature Scheme Leon Groot Bruinderink et al. 
  • Complete addition formulas for prime order elliptic curves Joost Renes et al. 
  • Drammer: Deterministic Rowhammer Attacks on Mobile Platforms Victor van der Veen et al.

All presenters receive a signed certificate. After the research paper presentations, out of these top three the best paper will be proclaimed by the Jury. The presenter of this paper will receive the Dutch Cyber Security Research best paper Award (DCSRP Award). This prestigious prize was introduced in 2015 to acknowledge the best recent non-commercial scientific cybersecurity research paper. The prize will be awarded  with -in addition- a € 500 IBM bonus cheque! 

BCMT Award

New in the cybersecurity session this year is the Best Cybersecurity Master Thesis (BCMT) Award. A committee consisting of representatives of several Dutch Universities and companies lead by Dr. Nicola Zannone has selected two theses out of six theses submitted. These two highly ranked cyber security theses will be presented by the master students themselves. Both presenters will receive a signed certificate, only one of them the BCMT Award. The Master Thesis Award candidates (in alphabetical order) are:


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!! Cybersecurity sessions concentrated on the first day of event, the 21st of March 2017

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