Aiko Pras, vice-chair

University of Twente

Aiko Pras is full professor “Internet Security” at the Twente University. Around 1980, Aiko became involved in network research. In 1995 he received a Ph.D. degree for the thesis “Network Management Architectures” at the Twente University. His interests are in the areas of Digital Sovereignty and Internet security, with a focus on DDoS attacks, DNS security and measurement-based approaches.
Currently Aiko serves as research coordinator for the EU Concordia project, which is one of the four Cybersecurity Competence Networks within Europe, “Beirat” of the CODE Cybersecurity research institute in München, board member of the newly established “Collaboration platform cybersecurity knowledge and innovation” (the new dcypher) as well as scientific director of the Twente University Centre for Cybersecurity Research (TUCCR).

“I believe that our Digital independence and consequently our European values are at stake, not only by state actors, but also by big companies as well as cyber criminals. To protect our digital freedom, we have to strengthen our cybersecurity research. This can be accomplished if we work better together in this important domain. Therefore I’m glad to serve as board member in our ACademic Cyber Security Society (ACCSS), and via ACCSS to be able to represent the academic research society in the new dcypher.”