Prof.dr. Michel van Eeten

Delft University of Technology

Michel van Eeten is professor of cybersecurity at Delft University of Technology. He studies the interplay between technological design and economic incentives. His team analyses large-scale Internet measurement and incident data to identify how the markets for Internet services deal with security risks. He has conducted empirical studies funded by NWO, the ITU, the OECD, the Department of Homeland Security, the European Commission, the Dutch National Police, the General Intelligence and Security Service, Fox-IT, banks, and various ministries within the Dutch government. Topics range from botnet mitigation, threat intelligence and abuse reporting, network measurements, information sharing, security metrics, to cybercrime markets. Van Eeten is also a member of the Cyber Security Council, an official advisory body of the Dutch government.

“The Dutch cybersecurity research community has evolved from a set of small islands, each small group focused on a certain specialism in one discipline, to a close-knit community full of collaboration and trust across all researchers and disciplines. The platform of dcypher was integral to the building of that community, but it was time to provide more structure and accessibility to that community by organizing ourselves more formally. This is ACCSS. The Dutch cybersecurity research community is relatively small, but it has been punching above its weight in terms of cutting edge research for years. By joining forces, we aim to ensure that we retain this quality, even under competitive hiring pressure from the countries around us.”