Herbert Bos

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Herbert Bos is full professor of Systems and Network Security at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam where he co-leads the VUsec research group. He obtained his Ph.D. from Cambridge University Computer Laboratory (UK). Coming from a systems background, he drifted into security a few years ago and never left. His research interests cover all aspects of system-level security and reliability, including topics such as software hardening, exploitation, micro-architectural attacks, binary analysis, fuzzing, side channels, and reverse engineering. He is very proud of his (former) students who are much cleverer than he is.

“I have been involved in ACCSS from the very beginning. I believe that the academic infosec community, with all its different disciplines, needs an organisation such as ACCSS to help answer the community’s questions about research and education, to forecast and understand important research topics, and to serve as the first point of contact for government and industry to interact with the academic infosec community. I will strive to ensure that ACCSS represents all of its members and provides our community a powerful and recognizable voice in the security-related discourse.”